About Us




Capel Men’s shed is situated in the rail heritage site at Boyanup where the 100 year old steam train Leschenault Lady is being restored. Although not part of the rail heritage organization we operate alongside them and help out where and when we can with maintenance and repairs to site buildings, machinery, equipment and projects for open day’s events.

What We Do

The activities of the group have been described as organic. That is our activities are determined by the interests and skills of the group and requests from the community.
Projects include bookshelves and shelving for the local library, yard cleaning, tractor restoration, and one or two commercial projects. See the (PROJECTS LINK) photos below.

Whats In a Name

We operate as Capel Mens Shed because we are located in Capel shire, Boyanup being part of Capel Shire. Previously we were temporarily located in the industrial area in Capel but had to vacate the premises that we had been using as owner needed the workshop for his business.
We were offered the use of the rail heritage site subject to certain criteria and conditions that had advantages to both the rail heritage personnel and Capel Mens Shed. We have been in the present shed since April 2013.

Who Can Join

Capel mens shed has about 15 regular members and welcomes new members. Anyone can join and is welcome.

It costs $60 per annum to join Capel Mens Shed Inc but nothing to visit.


Before and After

To establish our base required 18 months of renovations to the derelict section of an existing building. As a result, we now have a fully functioning workshop.


Funding the establishment of shed came mainly from the generosity of the community. Shed members and local businesses also provided their time and labour at no cost or minimal cost. We are grateful for all their support and we are proud of our achievements so far.

We are currently applying for grant from Lottery Commission and hoping to apply for small donations from other businesses.

We would welcome enquiries from any business or person interested in supporting us with donations of tools and equipment or financial donations.


Thanks to the following for their generous support.

Rail Heritage W.A.                        Bendigo Bank  Donnybrook/Capel Branch

Bunnings                           Integra Life                      Picko’s Bobcats    

Crystal Pigment AUS. Australind Plant                   Vic Ende   

Golden West Cabinets                                     Picton Concrete


Since completion of shed we have been able to help out with number of community and personal projects. Projects have included woodwork, mechanical, welding,and restoration of machinery, gardening and involvement with Boyanup Heritage Museum.


Men’s sheds are an Australia wide incorporated body whose main purpose is to help men to counter and negate the possible negative effects that inactivity and boredom can have on physical and mental well being. Age, limited education, remoteness, retirement, unemployment and health are but a few of the pressures that impute on men’s inability to cope and lead to downhill slide both physically and mentally.

Men’s sheds provide purpose and a place where men can enjoy the company of other men, have a cuppa and read the paper, fix things, make things and tinker away a few hours doing whatever men like to do.

Beyond Blue is a programme helping to deal with men’s health issues and Mens Sheds Australia wide use and promote this programme. We have a member who has attended training in this area. Above and beyond, all our members look out for each other on regular basis and are always open to a chat if anyone feels the need to discuss any issues that may be concerning them.

Come along to our shed and see for yourself if maybe this is something you can see yourself enjoying along with other like thinking men.

Capel Mens Shed Inc

Capel Mens shed is an incorporated body run by a committee. See the (MEETINGS BLOG PAGE) for meetings.


The present office bearers are:

  • President: Alby Horne
  • Vice President: Paul Young
  • Treasurer: Dave Taylor
  • Secretary: Gordon Knight
  •                   March 2017 committee members


It costs $60 per annum to join and nothing to visit. Membership is open to everyone.